Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Browsers All the way ! ! !

At the centre of all internet activity are the web-browsers and there has been so much happening in the web browser industry that I thought why not gather some information and put in together to give a round up of it .

Let me begin with the founder of sorts in this industry Netscape .Mosaic Netscape 0.9 ,that’s how the current version of Netscape Navigator started with on October 13, 1994 , credited with popularising the internet and once commnading 90 % of the internet traffic , this browser for sure revolutionised the web . Netscape’s support to the development of Firefox in it’s earlier stage is a great credit to the brower . Now an arm of AOL , this browser lost it’s charm to the others . Last month when AOL announced it is going to discontinue it’s support for Netscape it was nail in the coffin for this browser.
But this browser for sure will remain in the minds of many as a Trend Setter .

Next in line is Internet Explorer , a leader by a long way , thanks to the numerous windows based computer of which it is a default part .May be it’s destiny that all windows users are tied to the IE brand .But IE 7 has made us rethink the thought . IE 7 did show some promise with the renewed stying , tabbed browsing and enhanced compatability.And the Hot news is that IE 8 will be released quite soon with remarkable developments. And the industry is eagerly awaiting this , hope it does satisfy the expectations ; if it does , it sure will remain the "Baadshah " of browsers.

All along the windows users were devoid of the styling and personal experience that the Mac offers , but not any more , Apple has released the Safari 3 Beta version for Windows a browser in from the Mac stable with a rich interface .Promising to be the fastest browser ,this brower will have to come over some of it’s bugs to prove it worth.The full version which is due in some time is already creating expectations.Safari Promises to be a great ride.

Firefox is slowly crawling up the popularity charts , the Firefox 3 beta 2 release is out , and the devlopments are quite stunning, with more stress on performance firefox is proving why it is increasing it's presence everyday.Though the latest version of firefox doesn’t support the many addons that firefox usually sports for customisation it’s a great bet.Firefox has also started projects like Weave to help syncronise online contents between firefox broswers and to provide Mozilla hosted online services. Prism is another initiative by Firefox to use an application that lets users split web applications out of their browser and run them directly on their desktop.This is one browser Firing it's way to the top.

Spacetime is one browser that is creating waves. Browser with visual stacks that space time in short; it’s a browser, which displays the pages in three-dimensional arrangements. With 3D Search, 3D tabbed browsing; Space time is a browser for the future.Though a little heavy on the system resources this browser is one to watch out for.

With the Browser business heating up, the user is left with many choices and a better Internet experience.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Reflection ! ! !

" When you carry out acts of kindness you get a wonderful feeling inside. It is as though something inside your body responds and says,yes, this is how I ought to feel." - Harold Kushner

I was driving my way back home after a normal day at office when somebody on the road stopped me for a lift. The traffic made me reluctant to stop, but something in me told me to stop and I did after a few meters. I turned back to find a handicapped man standing with his crutches. I offered him the lift as he wanted to be dropped on my way back home .we did travel a few kilometers and there came the place where he was to get down, I asked him if his house was close by, he did respond rather politely with an abundance of stoicism, that his house was half a kilometer away and it wasn't in my route. But I decided to drop him in front of his house. And when we reached there he invited me into his house with a thanks that was accompanying with every sentence he uttered .He also did tell me not many people offer him a lift and among those who offered a very few drop him at his house. My natural instinct would have been to advertise this act of mine and gain popularity for my kindness. But for a change I did take this chance to think. The outcome was quite enlightening, what I did to the crippled man was a small help from my end but it did mean a lot to him.

That's the whole point of this blog " May b it's a very small help, but if u can do it,Do it ".

On one instance I called up my friend to tell him about something that was bugging my mind, and I did tell him all that was in my mind and he patiently listened to it and offered few words of advice. After the call I felt a lot better and with some new found energy. Instantly I called him up again and thanked him for his help, and he told me " it's just a small help ". May b it's a small help listening, but to the troubled mind it's a precious help. Calling up a friend once in a while not only rejuvenates your spirit but to see someone getting benefited by your help gives you a good feeling which only a great success can match. On the same lines whenever u get a chance do some good to people around you ,do it , try visiting people when they're ill . You can bring smiles to the face of a child begging on the streets by offering a piece of bread (I don't vouch Begging in any sense ). These may be small ,but such acts of kindness are the ones that transform the way you live .

Many people have this instinct to help, but they label it social service and get mystified by the huge proposition of work that this term accompanies. So it's not all about helping the society, if u can do that it's great, but even if social service is a tall order to you it's just showing kindness to people around you, for these small acts of kindness have the power to transform lives.

So with this small thought I'll sign off.

Am Back ! ! !

Hi Ppl ,

It's been really long since i wrote a blog , may b i've grown lazy or there were lesser things that i had to discuss , whatever there were still people asking me when my blog will get updated , for all those kudos , they really did propel me towards a fresh start .

And my next blog is all about this , dedicated to these special people .

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Care - Less - Ness

carelessness !!!

“Caution is not cowardly. Carelessness is not courage”

said an old Russian proverb, but there's more to it read on.....

This topic may seem a little weird to some!
But for a special breed of people (includes me) who every other day miss some object or the other this is normality. Carelessness is not a habit; it’s just an occurrence that keeps visiting u often. You remember keeping a thing at a particular place and later find it missing, and when this Incident happens often in your life u belong to this circle of elite people. The object may be range from your cell phones, pens, certificates, atm cards to name a few. They may have very strong belief that u kept it at a particular place but when you find it missing, this magical act may be termed nothing less to a ‘miracle’. Such people always tend to make themselves careful, instead end up losing something big.

May b destiny, Absent mindedness, whatever Loss is indefinite in life, but for such people it's life, losing things has always been their strength may b it's life's way of telling don’t b attached to things a lot you'll lose it someday. These people have a great attitude, what I would say the “All in the game “attitude. They are ready to let things go and keep moving on. Greater losses don’t affect them. That’s y I call them "The Gifted Lot” .These people are god's messengers on land to lose things or distribute wealth amidst men!

For All such Ppl - U Rock!!!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Nocturnal Wanderings

Nocturnal Wanderings

“I often think that the night is more alive and more richly colored than the day.”
Said Vincent van Gogh, a Dutch Painter

To many of us Night is the time to enjoy the god given boon “ Sleep “.but what does the whole world do at nights ? Do they all sleep?

Here I go on my journey to Discover “The Night “. And what better place to do it than Chennai -the city of activities. It was 11 Pm. The last of the shops on the streets where slowly closing down. The shrieking shutters coming down was a signaling the close of the day.

The streets were peaceful, except for the few cries by the dogs. Walking deeper into the streets I found more dogs. The number of stray dogs that Chennai boasts is seriously large; I thought .There were dogs everywhere. It seemed as if men roamed the streets in the day and the dogs at night. Their barks grew louder when I approached, but when I didn’t disturb their chores they didn’t bother me. I moved on.

Next on the street I met the archetypical watchman, a man in his sixties .He had a radio tuned in near him, not because he liked songs, but it was his only companion through the night. I have always felt the job as a watchman as the most grueling in the world, you stay awake all night to make others sleep pleasant. Is this service or a punishment? Be whatever this man earns a living out of it. And he does justice to his job perched on his chair looking for any abnormality. I moved on.

Not far on the street there was this rag-picker, fighting it out amidst the Garbage trying to figure out rags and plastics which can earn him his next day’s bread. He waits for the activities on the street to die down so he can carryout his job peacefully. His tattered clothes and the big bag of rags that lay Un- proportionately on his shoulders tell a tale on its own.”India Shining “is still a gimmick.

At 1am the main road was still studded with life, a few night service busses ran helping the cause of people who worked on night shifts. The place which amazed me the most was the 24 hour tea shop that was buzzing with activity. Operating with the same swiftness that they do in the day, these shops were certainly making life easier for the world that was still awake.

Travelling by the main road, I met a group of laborers embarked with the task of laying a stretch of the road which hosts heavy traffic during the day .The workers fight it out against time to complete the job before the day breaks. The arduous task of laying a tar road, clubbed with staying awake when they’re destined to sleep makes their task nothing short of extraordinary.

It was 3 pm when a group of sweepers were all over the road .After all Chennai’s roads are being cleaned everyday .But we litter it to that extent to make it look as if it wasn’t cleaned for aeons.

4pm and it was time for the milk van to arrive. The milk vendors were all geared up to discharge their roles to perfection. Chennai is waking up with those traditional “Kolams “adoring the houses welcoming the new day.

There were the chatter of the birds that signaled the start of the day. Maybe we are so mechanized all these days to miss these wonderful sounds that nature has bestowed us with. Probably this was what Gandhiji meant when he said “all we need is to be industrious not like a machine, but like honeybees”.

The streets were soon starting to fill up with people and prominent amongst them were the newspaper wallas. Their busy acts of set the ball rolling for the day’s activities.

After all Chennai wasn’t fully asleep at nights, there are a whole world of people awake and doing their duties profoundly to make the day pleasant for others. Kudos !!!!

Friday, July 6, 2007

Uncyclopedia - A place for lies

A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is still putting on its shoes” said Mark Twain

It's a universal truth that a lie or a false information travels faster than truth. May be because people think a lie is all pleasant?? May be because it’s more attractive , whatever ….

What if there’s a whole website full of false information ? …..


From the house of Wikipedia , uncyclopedia is an encyclopedia of false information .

Hop in to this website and enjoy the feeling of being in a world of Lies!!!!!

( just like I did courtesy Varalu )

Wah Taj !!!! - A tribute to Taj Mahal

Wah Taj!!

The Taj Mahal located in Agra, built by the Muhal Emporer Shah Jahan in memory of his beloved Mumtaz has never attained such global focus since it was commissioned in 1632. Thanks to the New7Wonders Foundation

India has always projected Taj as an embodiment of peace which is fitting for a democratic society like ours. The Vote for Taj campaign lead by www.indiainfo.com to help Taj gain a place in the new 7 wonders of the world list , apart from projecting India's rich heritage to the global society has also helped in building National Integrity.” India unites for Taj “is not a mere phrase but a caption drawn to kindle the patriotism that is buried in every Indian

Every Indian has a special attachment towards Taj, which is evident from the number of votes pouring in. People from all regions/religions/background of India have contributed their bit in this initiative. This has brought the whole of India together otherwise possible only by an India-Pakistan cricket match!!

The "Taj Anthem" by AR Rahman to help in this initiative , has recreated the magic of the National Integration song “Mile Sur Mera Tumhara...” released in 1987 commemorating the 40th anniversary of Indian Independence . The music and video of the “Taj Anthem “has been excellently done portraying India’s "Unity in Diversity". The prodigious talent of Santhosh Sivan, Sreekar Prasad and AR Rahman stands out in this inspiring work.

On 07.07.2007 when the official results are announced in Lisbon, Portugal , every Indian will be keen to see “His Taj” on top of the list. Whatever be the result Taj will Always stand in every Indian heart as a symbol of not only love but also of National Integration .

Wah Taj!!!!

The official web site of the new7wonders foundation .